Home Renovations & Property Refurbishments in Hitchin, Hertfordshire


Does your home or property need renovating or refurbishing?


This is a question that comes up often for many home owners, who’ve either lived in their property for many years and wish to improve their property or for new buyers who wish to update their newly-purchased dwelling.


But what is the difference between renovating and refurbishing?

People often think that the terms “renovation” and “refurbishment” mean the same thing or they use them as interchangeable ways to describe structural home improvements.

However, they do have different meanings:


  • “Refurbishment” is the process of improvement by cleaning, decorating and re-equipping
  • “Renovation” is the process of returning something to a good state of repair
  • One project may include a mixture of refurbishment and renovation


Home renovations and refurbishments can include:

  • Adding new staircases (or repairing them)
  • Renovating the rest of a property when an extension has been installed, to bring the same quality standard throughout the property
  • Home automation installations
  • Changing a living room (or front room) into a kitchen and vice versa
  • Moving a kitchen from the front of a house to the back
  • Changing bathroom or shower areas
  • The addition of bedroom suites
  • Fitting built-in or walk-in wardrobes
  • Carpentry and joinery including doors and structural work
  • Window or door installation
  • Restoring wooden flooring
  • Loft or garage conversions


Whatever your home improvement needs are our 30+ years of experience means we’ve renovated, restored or refurbished most types of semi detached and detached residential properties.

We will guide you every step of the way, from initial conception to project completion, including advice on planning permission and building regulations.

As renovation or refurbishment contractors, we work with customers within the following areas: Hitchin, Letchworth, Lower Stondon, Shefford, Baldock and other towns within North Hertfordshire.

Contact us today to book an appointment to discuss your storage or space needs. Alternatively, find out more about us or how we work, see our project gallery or review our satisfied customers’ testimonials.

We look forward to helping you turn your ideas into reality.